“Let me tell you about NUDITY in ART - it got a bad rap when all the models were women and all the painters were men. Fine art was WAY ahead of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, and it paid the price of the Scoldy McShamers long ago, and deserved to in most cases. Well here are two women who paint nudes in a show I am curating, BUTTNEKKID. It is about the female gaze and the agency (a fancy academic term meaning "personal power") of disrobing. Lena Moross uses nudity as a semiotic device within a psychological drama while Anna Stump pushes the boundaries and politics of professional eroticism. Curating them has been a dream, and there is NO "Perv" in that dream, these paintings have a sensual foundation but make one THINK, so you think and feel at the same time for once in your miserable life! Saturday's opening reception will have some surprises, that is all I can say without getting censored by FaceBook. And thank you to FaceBook for censoring the cracks in this picture. Oh and I promise to keep my clothes on... yes while there will be things at the party to shock you, don't be too shocked at my innate Catholic modesty. The same Catholic modesty that has made me seek out this provocative art”
- May Gleason 2017